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The Kern GOP is the official local delegation and Central Committee for the Republican Party in Kern County. The Central Committee is an elected body who represent the Republicans from all districts within Kern County. We seek to provide a voice to the Republicans of Kern County so that government may address their concerns and provide support for our way of life. We believe that it is the duty of conservative governments to protect each mans God-given and unalienable rights in the face of even in the face of adversity.


The Central Committee

Ken Weir, Chairman

Clayton Campbell, Secretary

Laurel Sheffield, Treasurer


The Kern County Republican Party works to continue the fight for Republican and Conservative values. The Kern County Republicans work to encourage support through various county and state-wide campaigns. Each year, the Kern GOP has been responsible for:


  • Registering new Republicans to vote

  • Maintaining the GOP Headquarters

  • Coordinating Republican Get-Out-The Vote on Election Day

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