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Chairman’s Report

By Ken Wier

After the surprising loss of both the presidential election and Senate runoff, we all share a sense of heartbreak. Our Republican headquarters has listened to many frustrated Kern County voters.

Are there threats to election integrity? Are conservative voices being marginalized? Can we reopen our schools? How do we compete in the media?

Talking about these issues is vital to our democratic process. Next is help volunteer with our Republican party if you are frustrated about these issues and want to make a difference.

What can you do?

  • As you can see, while GOP registrations are strong, let’s build a bigger majority.

  • Help us register more Republicans by educating your Democrat and NPP friends to re-register.

  • Help us grow our grassroots effort by participating in election season and volunteer on local campaigns.

  • Help write letters to the editor for your local newspaper. Together we can share our conservative voice. Apply here.

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