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Time to Find a New Drum

By Dave Ewert

As an American voter who was concerned that pre-election gamesmanship by certain states would make the election outcome questionable, I was dismayed when these cases were not looked at by the Supreme Court justices. Would they have supported or denied the case, we will never know.

Living in California, where I have watched our state leaders change voting rules to suit their party’s long-term ambitions (ballot harvesting), I had hoped that there would not be any credibility issues with our federal election. Maybe that was naïve on my part. I think there are a large number of American voters who think the Democratic states that changed their voting rules did it to help defeat Trump and then, after the election asking the same people who may have orchestrated it if their vote count was legitimate, is like asking an umpire if he made the right call on a close play. How often do you think they will say, “No, I blew that one?” Optics and transparency are important!

The full length opinion originally appeared in the Bakersfield Californian.

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