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Total Recall

Skyrocketing electricity rates and large-scale blackouts were symptoms of the 2000 and 2001 California energy crises. A slow response from Governor Gray Davis drew many critics and a successful recall election.

Twenty years later, despite this summer’s increasing electricity rates and rolling blackouts across the state, Governor Newsom held an approval rating of 64%. Today, Newsom’s approval rating has fallen to 46%.

Also, Governor Newsom’s response to the pandemic has fallen short on every front. The initial phase reopening strategy was discarded for a “more stringent” four-tier county program. Unpredictable stay-at-home orders and restrictions have crippled the state’s economy hurting small businesses and jobs exponentially.

After a year of preparation, California’s vaccine rollout has been one of the worst in the nation. The state has modified its distribution plan, Newsom has flip-flopped on vaccination guidelines, and large amounts of doses are being spoiled. California currently ranks 38th among 50 states in the percentage of vaccine doses administered.

Parents and students’ frustration has hit its peak, with many public schools closed across the state for nearly a year. California is one of only five states to continue a partial closure.

Many voters have expressed their frustration with the state of California by signing the Newsom recall petition. With 1.7 million signatures collected, the recall election appears likely. For more information on the recall, visit

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